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decontis  is a leading manufacturer of Solutions for in-depth Analysis and SNMP based Monitoring of Mobile DTV and Digital TV broadcasts.

decontis Analysis and Monitoring SW

Monitoring Rack

decontis analysis and monitoring solutions span following broadcast technologies:

Digital TV : ATSC • DVB-T • DVB-T2  • DVB-S • DVB-S2 • DVB-C • QAM • ISDB-T/Tb

Mobile DTV : ATSC-M/H • DVB-H • 1seg

decontis offers comprehensive software and turnkey solutions which:

  • analyze and monitor  each part of Mobile DTV and Digital TV multiplexes across all technical layers
    RF • MPEG • M/H resp. MPE • IP/UDP/RTP/SDP/ESP • FLUTE/NRT/M-EAS • ESG • EPG • Audio/Video •
    Closed Captioning resp. Subtitle • Teletext • DSM-CC • MHP • Conditional Access
  • analyze and monitor all services within a multiplex simultaneously
  • support a wide variety of input and output interfaces, based on conventional hardware:
    RF • ASI • IP
  • analyze recorded Transport Streams in-depth, up to the last bit
  • DVB Loudness and ATSC Loudness measurement and monitoring
  • get used to create a complete SNMP based monitoring solution, capable to monitor hundreds of parameters of MDTV and DTV multiplexes on all technical layers simultaneously and continuously unattended on a 24/7 base
  • get used to administer entire monitoring networks completely from a central operation center
  • get used by broadcasters, network operators , service- and content providers, MDTV/DTV equipment manufacturers and software developers
  • try the software without any risk by downloading an evaluation version right now…

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T2-MI Analysis

DVB-T and DVB-T2 Coverage Measurement

DVB-T2 RF Measuremnent