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T2-MI Analysis and Monitoring

Release Information :

decontis introduces the most comprehensive T2-MI Analysis and Monitoring solution including RF modulator output check

Key Features

  • comprehensive analysis and monitoring features

    T2-MI Analysis


    • monitoring acc. most recent TR 101 290 incl. T2-MI
    • T2-MI TS parameter analysis
    • Super-Frame analysis
    • all parameters of L1-Pre, L1-Post, L1-Dyn signaling
    • Time Packet analysis
    • all parameters of all PLP’s
  • various input interfaces
    • IP – support also for multicast

      T2-MI Signaling Monitoring

      T2-MI Signaling Monitoring

    • ASI – support of various hardware suppliers
    • File – playback of recorded T2-MI streams
  • streaming
    • de-capsulation and streaming the content of all PLP’s for further analysis, monitoring and playback
    • streaming entire T2-MI Transport Stream
  • T2-MI snapshot generation
    • in-depth analysis of T2-MI TS files incl. BB frames, Time and L1 packets up to the last bit
  • T2-MI vs. RF cross check
    • in the head-end, performing cross-check of all T2-MI input received via ASI or IP with all actuallly transmitted outputs (PLPs) received via RF

T2-MI vs. RF Modulator Output

Service and network providers can check whether the parameters of the RF output signal of the transmitter corresponds to the parameters of the T2-MI input signal. The figure below shows a typical application. In the head-end a decontis monitoring probe receives the T2-MI signal via IP or ASI interface. The same or other decontis monitoring probes receive the DVB-T2 PLPs via RF receivers. Both sides are connected via IP.The head-end monitoring probe receives all RF parameters from the RF probes, checks these RF parameters against the T2-MI parameters, visualizes errors and generates alarming via SNMP.
Check T2-MI vs. RF Output

Check T2-MI vs. RF Output











For more information read our Application Note ‘T2-MI Analysis+Monitoring’

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