Decontis - Solutions for Analysis and Monitoring of Mobile DTV and Digital TV broadcasts


dvbSAM – Analysis DVB Digital TV + DVB Mobile DTV

dvbSAM is a comprehensive software solution for in-depth analysis of DVB Digital TV and DVB Mobile DTV multiplexes on all technical layers.

Key Features

dvbSAM Analysis & Monitoring Layers

dvbSAM Analysis & Monitoring Layers

  • in-depth analysis of DVB DTV and Mobile DTV multiplexes
  • live reception of DVB-H, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-C via RF, ASI or IP
  • play-back and in-depth analysis of recorded Transport Streams
  • MPEG-2 analysis acc. ETSI TR 101 290
  • DVB-H specific Multi-Protocol-Encapsulation and IP analysis
  • analysis of all DVB DTV and Mobile DTV SI/PSI tables
  • DVB-H specific IP, UDP, RTP, SDP analysis
  • IP/Port bitrate measurements
  • PID and Program Bitrate measurements
  • analysis of Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • analysis of DVB Subtitles
  • analysis of DVB Teletext
  • analysis FLUTE / NRT
  • analysis ESG (Mobile DTV)
  • visual playback all audio/video services simultaneously
  • DVB Loudness Analysis according ITU-R BS.1770.3, EBU R-128
  • descrambling all encrypted DTV and mobile DTV programs simultaneously


SAMalyzer Main Window visualizing DVB-H time-slicing

SAMalyzer Main Window
visualizing DVB-H time-slicing

Decoded EIT PSIP Table including  chinese character set

Decoded EIT PSIP Table including chinese characters

EPG Example (hungarian)

EPG Example (hungarian)

(1) In-depth analysis of recorded transport streams

  • analysis and visualization of all DTV and mobile DTV PSI/SI tables:
  • each table gets displayed in a bi-directional synchronized treeview and data grid, thereby providing acces to every data bit
  • stepping forward and backward through the multiplex permits to analyze any occurrence of any table separately, incl. its timing within the multiplex
  • DVB-H time slice analysis, DVB-H error correction layer, bitrate
  • EPG analysis and rendering
  • support of mixed DVB-H and DVB-T transport streams
  • channel allocation at one glance

(2) Real-time analysis of live broadcasts in all details

  • live broadcast receiption via RF, IP or ASI
  • real-time analysis of MPEG layer according ETSI TR 101 290
  • real-time analysis of Electronic Program Guide (EPG), DVB Subtitles and Teletext
  • real-time analysis of Electronic Service Guide (ESG) and FLUTE based non-realtime content
  • real time analysis of mobile DTV IP data
  • audio/video playback of all TV and Radio services simultaneously
  • conditional access – descrambling

Real-Time Analysis

DVB-T, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-H live reception and real-time analysis

dvbSAM I/O Processor

MPEG2 analysis according ETSI TR 101 290

MPEG2 analysis acc.
ETSI TR 101 290

DVB-H specific Multi-Protocol-Encapsulation Analysis

DVB-H specific Multi-Protocol-Encapsulation Analysis

DVB-H specific IP, UDP and RTP Analysis

DVB-H specific IP, UDP and RTP Analysis

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Analysis for DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Analysis for DVB-T, DVB-S
and DVB-C

DVB Subtitle Analysis

DVB Subtitle Analysis

DVB Teletext Analysis

DVB Teletext Analysis

dvbSAM I/O Processor

  • live input of DTV and mobile DTV multiplexes via RF, ASI, IP interfaces as well as via recorded transport stream files
  • live output to versatile IP streamers, ASI/SPI output devices, DVB modulator devices and files (recording) – also to several outputs simultaneously
  • de-multiplexing of all programs within the channel/multiplex for both all DTV and mobile DTV programs simultaneously
  • streaming of the de-multiplexed programs via IP to other destinations for both all DTV and mobile DTV programs simultaneously
  • supporting various types of IP based output streamers, the number of simultaneous IP streams is unlimited. It can be streamed via IP:
    • complete multiplex
    • de-multiplexed DTV programs out of the multiplex
    • demultiplexed mobile DTV services (video/audio/FLUTE/ESG/key streams/…)
  • data duplication – same data can be streamed to several destinations simultaneously
  • support of IP multicast (input and output)
  • comprehensive RF channel scan feature
  • takes transport stream snapshots on mouse click
  • very detailed and versatile configuration possibilities in order to fit perfectly into any environment and for any purpose
  • easy navigation within the programs and services of the multiplex
  • provides comfortable graphical user interface
  • real-time analysis and comparisation of all analyzed parameters against configurable thresholds and categorizing them into OK, Warning and Error condition
  • analysis of the complete DVB multiplex on MPEG-2 layer
  • analysis according ETSI TR 101290 Prio1/2/3 incl. error indication according configured thresholds
  • analysis of all PID and Program bitrates incl. error indication according configured thresholds
  • analysis of all mobile DTV specific IP/Port bitrates incl. error indication according configured thresholds individually for each IP/Port pair
  • analysis of the RTP sequence counter continuity
  • all analyzed parameters get logged detailed into a log file for later reference (one complete snapshot of all measured parameters gets logged once a second)
  • error-triggered snapshot creation with pre-trigger recording for later detail problem analysis
  • comprehensive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) analysis features
  • comprehensive analysis features for DVB Subtitles
  • comprehensive analysis features for Teletext

dvbSAM Electronic Service Guide (ESG) Analyzer

  • supports IPDC/CBMS and OMA BCAST standard
  • supports multi-ESG configuration – all ESGs within an DVB-H multiplex get analyzed simultaneously

DVB-H ESG Analysis

ESG Analyzer

  • supports all storage types (raw, gzip and BinXML/BiM)
  • supports UDP unicast and multicast
  • automatic creation of all IP listeners according to the ESG content
  • in-depth analysis of all container files of all ESG’s simultaneously
  • decoding and visualization of ESG containers up to the last bit
  • stores all ESG content (XML’s, SDP’s, images, …)  into separate directories and visualizes them
  • performs XML schema check against configurable document type definitions
  • renders the complete ESG program list

dvbSAM audio/video mosaic wall

  • simultaneous playback of all DTV and mobile DTV video and audio services, also arbitrarily mixed
  • support of all video and audio formats used in these broadcast technologies (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264…)

DVB Mosaic Wall

DVB Mosaic Wall

  • comprehensive realtime transcoding and streaming features for seamless streaming of regional DVB-T/-S/-C and DVB-H programs over network at a low bandwidth to any destination (e.g. into a remote operation center for visual monitoring)
  • supports TV image snapshot creation and streaming (provides visual monitoring at ultra-low bandwidth)
  • provides audio bars for visual monitoring of audio channels
  • adjustable number of monitor columns and tiles
  • adjustable monitor sizes to optimal fit to the available screen size
  • support of IP multicast
  • recording of particular audio/video services

dvbSAM Loudness Measurement and Monitoring

  • Integrated Loudness according ITU-R BS.1770.3 and EBU R-128

SAMloudio Analysis Tile

  • Momentary Loudness (400 ms integration time, 75% overlapping, 10 measurements per second)
  • Short Term Loudness (3 seconds integration time)
  • True Peak Level (TPL) measurement of every sub-channel
    (incl. 4-times oversampling for enhanced accuracy, 10 measurements per second)
  • Loudness Range
  • Live Meter (60 seconds, scalable, more than 100 live meters can be displayed on a single 4k screen)
  • Solution is CPU efficient, it can analyze/monitor the loudness of more than 100 audio streams on a recent Core i7 CPU incl. all measurements and visualizations
  • can be used along with arbitrary MPEG, AAC and AC3 audio codecs1
  • supports Digital TV and Mobile DTV
  • can be used stand-alone or integrated with atscSAM and dvbSAM

Monitoring Summary Window

  • all parameters like target loudness, warning and error thresholds, loudness scales etc. are configurable individually for every audio stream
  • fully integrated into decontis SNMP tool chain for automated 24/7 SNMP based monitoring
  • for any audio stream a live playback is possible, even for several streams simultaneously, if required for any reason

1audio codecs are not included but must be installed separately

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dvbSAM NRT + FLUTE Analyzer

NRT + FLUTE Analysis

NRT Analysis

  • in-depth analysis of data carousels transmitted via FLUTE/ALC protocol
    within mobile DTV multiplexes
  • processes several FLUTE carousels simultaneously
  • extracts and stores all FDT instances
  • extracts and stores all transmitted files
  • display of announced and actually received files, file sizes, TOIs, encodings…
  • measurement of carousel cycle times
  • calculation of the file transfer bitrate for each carousel
  • decoding of XML, ESG and announcement files
  • endless archive of all received files ever transmitted within a data carousel
  • supports UDP unicast and multicast
  • can act as independent FLUTE client, thus can be used standalone

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dvbSAM Digital TV and Mobile DTV Descrambling

DVB-H - ISMAcryp Descrambling

Example: Mobile DTV Descrambling

  • descrambling of DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-C programs using Common Interface (CI) slot, Conditional Access Module (CAM) and Smartcard
  • descrambling of ISMAcryp scrambled mobile DTV programs
  • supports OMA DRM and Smartcard descrambling profiles
  • alternative manual key configuration for mobile DTV descrambling
  • descrambling of all DTV and mobile DTV programs simultaneously
    • number of simultaneously descrambled mobile DTV programs not limited
    • number of simultaneously descrambled DTV programs limited only by the capabilities of the used CAM(s) – multi-CAM configuration supported
  • streaming/recording of descrambled audio/video services