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dvbSAM v6.2 released

A major update of decontis analysis and monitoring solution dvbSAM v6 has been released, now supporting DVB-T2, Loudness measurement and monitoring for DVB and new ASI hardware.

As usual, all users of dvbSAM v6 can update to the latest version free of charge and take advantage of the new features.

DVB-T2 Support

dvbSAM v6.2 now supports in-depth analysis and SNMP based monitoring of DVB-T2 broadcasts. This includes all analysis and measurement tasks which it performs also for other DVB broadcast standards, such as DVB-T, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and DVB-H. Also DVB-T2 Multi-PLP broadcasts are supported.

So it analyzes and visualizes all DVB-T2 specific SI table descriptors, performs comprehensive analyis on MPEG, PID, Program, EPG, Teletext, Subtitle, Audio and Video layers on T2 broadcasts, performs live playback of all included T2 A/V services, performs descrambling, provides versatile transcoding and streaming features and much more, which makes it the ideal analysis and monitoring solution also for DVB-T2 now.

SAM-MT 400 Monitoring Probe

Decontis outstanding 24/7 SNMP based monitoring probe also got a software update, now also supporting DVB-T2. It permits to monitor up to 8(!) RF inputs on a single, 1 rack unit height machine, i.e. up to 8 RF channels/PLPs can be monitored simultaneously regarding all content on RF, MPEG, PID, EPG, Subtitle, Teletext, Audio/Video and Conditional Access layers on a single machine.

This results in a minimal TCO (minimum rack space, power consumption, OA&M costs) without sacrificing functionality, since the SAM-MT 400 not only provides full monitoring of ALL content within a multiplex but also provides outstanding analysis features which let you track down any issue in a broadcast within seconds right from your desk via Remote Desktop connection to the feature-rich and powerful Windows GUI running on the SAM-MT 400.

Screenshot of DVB-T2 real-time RF analyzer window



Loudness Measurements & 24/7 SNMP based Monitoring

  • Integrated, gated Loudness according ITU-R BS.1770.3 and EBU R-128
  • Integrated, gated Loudness over past hour
  • Integrated, gated Loudness over past 6 hours
  • Integrated, gated Loudness over past 24 hours
  • Momentary Loudness (400 ms integration time, 75% overlapping, 10 measurements per second)
  • Short Term Loudness (3 seconds integration time)
  • True Peak Level (TPL) measurement of every sub-channel (incl. 4-times oversampling for enhanced accuracy, 10 measurements per second)
  • Loudness Range
  • Audio Freeze
  • Audio Silence
  • Live Meter (60 seconds, scalable, more than 100 live meters can be displayed on a single 4k screen)
  • Solution is CPU efficient, it can analyze/monitor the loudness of more than 100 audio streams on a recent Core i7 CPU incl. all measurements and visualizations
  • can be used along with arbitrary MPEG, AAC and AC3 audio codecs
  • supports Digital TV and Mobile DTV
  • can be used stand-alone or integrated with dvbSAM
  • all parameters like target loudness, warning and error thresholds, loudness scales etc. are configurable individually for every audio stream
  • fully integrated into decontis SNMP tool chain for automated 24/7 SNMP based monitoring
  • live playback for any audio stream is possible




New ASI Hardware supported

dvbSAM v6.2 now includes support for a further vendor of ASI devices – now also DVEO ASI devices are supported beside the already supported ASI devices of DekTec and StreamLabs.


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