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atscSAM v3 released

decontis releases version 3 of its cutting-edge analysis and monitoring solution atscSAM.
It includes many new features, among them:

Mobile Emergency Alert Service

On March 20th, 2013, the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) announced
the approval and publication of specifications for a Mobile Emergency Alert Service (M-EAS),
delivered using the ATSC A/153 Mobile Digital TV standard.

Today’s release of atscSAM v3.0 fully supports this new standard.
It performs in-depth analysis of M-EAS announcement data and
FLUTE carousels. It also renders all transmitted content, CAP alert
messages and rich media delivered via NRT, including playback of audio and video clips.

Finally, atscSAM also allows 24/7 monitoring of all important M-EAS parameters via
its comprehensive SNMP based monitoring solution.

For more information see the M-EAS application note.

Non-Real-Time Content

Besides support for M-EAS, atscSAM v3 also includes support for analysis of generic Non-Real-Time content and in-depth analysis of all NRT specific anouncement data.

Network Management Console at the Network Operation Center

The Network Management Console also introduces many significant enhancements, among them
a comprehensive, individually configurable 2-layer debouncing feature. This allows the monitoring
center to adjust the Console’s sensitivity to transient or short-term issues, providing a filtering effect
to prevent the escalation of anomalies that are self-clearing without operator intervention.
Sustained issues or errors will still be reported for escalation and attention.

Real-time data is always available through the Network Management Console regardless of the current debounce settings.

In addition, a new Email and SMS notification feature has been introduced in atscSAM v3. This feature
provides automatic notification of specified station staff upon detection of sustained errors which
might indicate a serious problem in the MH broadcast.

Improved Analysis and Monitoring of ATSC-M/H

Version 3 of atscSAM also includes more significant analysis and monitoring features for the
M/H layer, thereby providing additional, live broadcast monitoring capabilities.

Improved usability through major GUI enhancements

All atscSAM components are now collapsible. The aggregated analysis and monitoring results remain
easily visible in the collapsed state, without the distraction of the in-depth analysis details in
each component window.

Of course, all analysis and monitoring details are still available via few mouse clicks.