Decontis - Solutions for Analysis and Monitoring of Mobile DTV and Digital TV broadcasts


atscSAM v3.2 released

  • decontis Enterprise Monitoring platform now connects SNMP agents with heterogeneous MIBs
  • monitoring of Descriptive Video Services (DVS) in Mobile DTV broadcasts
  • new features for CALM act monitoring and loudness monitoring for ATSC and ATSC-M/H
  • outlook: New ISDB analysis and monitoring solution becomes available in Q1/2014
  • Meet decontis @NAB 2014

Heterogenous SNMP MIBs in Enterprise Monitoring platform

In January a new version of the Enterprise Monitoring platform got released, which includes support for heterogenous SNMP MIBs. That way it is possible to connect monitoring probes with different SNMP MIB versions to the central monitoring platform, which provides both the big QoS picture as well as all monitoring parameter details of every connected monitoring probe.

That way large monitoring networks (some consisting of more than 100 probes) can run different versions of monitoring probes, and updates e.g. of the Enterprise Monitoring platform doesn’t require an update of the monitoring probes and vice versa.

Monitoring of Descriptive Video Services (DVS)

In January also a new version of the SAM-MT 450 monitoring platform got released, which includes support for monitoring DVS also for Mobile DTV broadcasts.

CALM act compliance monitoring

The recently introduced SAM-MT 450 loudness measurement and monitoring component got enhanced also for ATSC. Its main features include now e.g.:

  • Integrated gated Loudness according ITU-R BS.1770.3, EBU R-128 and ATSC A/85
  • Integrated gated Loudness over past hour
  • Integrated gated Loudness over past 6 hours
  • Integrated gated Loudness over past 24 hours
  • Momentary Loudness (every 100 ms)
  • Short Term Loudness (every second)
  • True Peak Level (TPL) measurement of every sub-channel (every 100 ms;
    incl. 4-times oversampling for enhanced accuracy)
  • Loudness Range
  • Audio Freeze
  • Audio Silence
  • Live Meter (spans 60 seconds, four tool sizes configurable)
  • Solution is scalable, it can analyze/monitor the loudness of more than 100 audio streams simultaneously on a Core i7 CPU, incl. all measurements, oversampling and visualizations
  • can be used along with arbitrary MPEG, AAC and AC3 audio codecs
  • supports Digital TV and Mobile DTV
  • can be used stand-alone or integrated on SAM-MT 450
  • all parameters like target loudness, warning and error thresholds, loudness scales etc. are configurable individually for every audio stream
  • fully integrated into decontis SNMP tool chain for automated 24/7 SNMP based monitoring
  • for any audio stream a live playback is possible

New ISDB analysis and monitoring solution
In Q1/2014 decontis will release isdbSAM, its new analysis and monitoring solution for ISDB. It supports both Digital TV standards ISDB-T, SBTVD/ISDB-Tb and the Mobile TV standard 1seg. The solution will provide the same feature set as decontis solutions for DVB and ATSC standards include today, i.e. it spans all technical layers, including RF, MPEG, EPG, Subtitling/Closed Caption, Audio/Video and Conditional Access layers for both Digital TV and Mobile TV services.

SAMalyzer ISDB 600px

decontis @NAB 2014 – visit our booth N2438 in the Mobile DTV pavilion

decontis @ NAB 2014In our booth, decontis will perform live demonstrations of its DTV and Mobile DTV monitoring solutions across all standards (ATSC, DVB and ISDB). These products are suitable for head-end, transmitter and field site monitoring and are available with RF, ASI and IP inputs.

The solutions support monitoring of hundreds of broadcast parameters in real-time, on all technical layers (RF, MPEG, M/H ensemble, IP, RTP, NRT, M-EAS, ESG, SDP, EPG, Closed Captions, Subtitles, Teletext, Audio/Video and Conditional Access layers).   All services within a multiplex are monitored simultaneously, independent of how many DTV or Mobile DTV services are transmitted within the multiplex.

All TV services can be displayed live on a mosaic wall, or can e.g. be transcoded and streamed into the NOC at low bitrate video/audio or thumbnails for visual confidence monitoring.

Please schedule an appointment via our contact form.
Looking forward meeting you in Las Vegas, April 7-10, 2014 in our booth N2438.